Land Use, Environmental and Construction

Black Helterline LLP represents private developers and public agencies in all areas of land use. The firm has extensive experience with a broad range of real estate transactions and financing. These include acquisitions, options and sales, and leasing of developable land, as well as structuring business entities to fulfill developers’ financing and tax objectives, including ยง1031 exchanges.

Black Helterline’s reputation in land use law is national. The firm has experience in plant siting and permitting, planning and zoning industrial areas, and responding to regulators’ impact fees. Black Helterline’s attorneys have extensive experience handling wetlands matters and land use disputes before cities, counties, the Land Conservation and Development Commission, boundary commissions and the Metropolitan Service District, as well as other special service districts.

Our firm has rendered substantial service for numerous clients in the areas of planning, structuring and siting of residential, commercial and industrial subdivisions, planned communities and condominiums.